SplashNet Laundry service in Rome

SplashNet Laundry  - The perfect place to wash your clothes in Rome.

Laundry Service Rome - For many travelers its not just about a weekend away or a few days, and usually most people will fill their suitcases with their outfits for each day.

But for the standard backpacker its a different story when they set out to travel for months and some even taking a gap year to travel all the worlds continents. For many backpackers its essential to either pack light and not have too many luxury clothing items that need to be washed. Laundry can be expensive and also time consuming for the traveler who can lose even half a days travel time doing monotonous jobs.

Laundry Service Rome

Splashnet in Rome have the perfect solution in which the laundry is cheap compared to the standard prices offering a small wash for 3 euros and dry for 3 euros. The beauty of the service is its all done by the Splashnet staff so you don't have to spend your time waiting for you clothes to be washed.

You can drop off the laundry with one of the members of staff and collect all fresh and folded later on in the day, allowing you a full day to see the monuments and piazza's of the city or relax at a local bar with a coffee or ice cream while you wait to collect your laundry at a later time in the day.

If you prefer to wait around for your laundry SplashNet runs an Internet cafe where you can check out the web for a small fee or just relax and swap travel stories with the many other backpackers who hang out at SplashNet waiting for their laundry.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Rome and our staff are available to help with any of your travel questions. Guests of Funny Palace will receive a discount on laundry services.

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